The command line version of migra includes a number of options for getting the diff output you desire. If using the API, similarly named options are available on the Migration object.


Migra will throw an exception if drop... statements are generated, as a precaution. Adding this flag will disable the safety feature and happily generate the drop statements. Remember, always review generated statements before running them!

--schema [SCHEMA_NAME]

Specify a single schema to diff.


Only output create extension statements, nothing else. This is useful when you have extensions as part of a setup script for a single schema: Those extensions need to be installed, but extensions are usually not installed in a custom schema.

You'd generate a setup script in two steps:

Then combine the output of 1 and 2 into a single database sync script.


This tells migra to spit out permission-related change statements (grant/revoke). This is False by default: Often one is comparing databases from different environments, where the users and permissions are completely different and not something one would want to sync.


Some folks have reported unicode character output issues on windows command lines. This flag often fixes it!

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