Tips, tricks and limitations

Criteria are additive

Rows are included if they match any criteria including them. So a 10% random sample and a where clause will result in 10% of rows, and those selected by the where clause being included. There maybe some overlap - for instance selecting 100% of rows obviously makes the where clause redundant entirely.

"Uphill" tables first

You can think of your databases dependencies as metaphorically "flowing downhill" from one table "downhill" to another table via a foreign key relationship. It's thus best to specify criteria from the "uphill" tables first, from the top down, as that will flesh out the related tables with records too.


Table partitioning isn't yet well supported - we hope to support this soon.

DatabaseCI has a dependency on migra. If migra cannot inspect your database, DatabaseCI won't work on it either.

If either of these things are blockers for you, please let us know, and we'll investigate and fix as soon as we can.

Give us feedback

How easy did you find the setup? Did the snapshots work as expected? Was it easy to configure? Let us know via the feedback link or at [email protected].

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