Getting started


databaseci is just a regular python package available on PyPI.

Assuming you've already got python/pip set up, just install with pip:

pip install databaseci

If using in production, be sure to pin the version - databaseci is currently in beta and we'll be rapidly releasing new versions, major releases of which may contain breaking changes.

If you don't already have Pythong, grab the latest python from, which should install pip as well.

If you already know what database(s) you want to connect to, continue to The DB Object to start using the library. Otherwise, see below.

Installing PostgreSQL

databaseci is (for now) a Postgres-specific library - so you'll need a postgres database to connect to.

The best/easiest thing to do while getting started is to run Postgres locally on your laptop/dev machine.

On mac, provides a convenient way to do this. On linux, your package manager probably provides a suitable postgresql package to install.

Connecting passwordlessly

You'll have an easier time connecting to your database server running locally if you can connect passwordlessly.

To confirm this is the case, try running:


on the command line with no additional arguments. If it complains about authentication, your local database server instance isn't configured to allow passwordless connections from the same machine. See the PostgreSQL docs on auth methods


With the package installed and postgres running nicely, you should be ready to connect by creating a DB Object.